Feb 29, 2008

Winning Code-free gifts

1. What is a pack+/ prizpass?

With a prizpass you can 'buy' a pack+ 'on the site of prizee. This is a site, where you can play multiple games a day, and where you can gain bubz. You can exchange these bubz afterwards for different prizes. If you buy a pack+, you get extra turns for the game you chose, + 2 extra games, and you will ascend in rank on the site.

You can buy a pack+ on the site of prizee itself, by phone, by sms, by paypal. But there are websites where you can win a prizpass/pack+ for free, just by playing some games.

There are also some other codes that can work as a prizpass, to obtain a pack+. For example you can use an allopass B on prizee. You could use a speedcode in the past, but at this moment, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Most of these sites are in french. Only prizee and find-jeux are available in english.

To go to prizee, click on the banner

Prizee : Jeux Gratuits et Cadeaux !:

. Websites where you can win a prizpass )

2.1. Yacado

This is the second best site to win a prizpass. Every day you get some free games, with the points you collect, you can buy a prizpass.

-Time needed to win a pack+: 35 days<a href="http://www.yacado.com" target="_blank">Jeux</a>


This is an excellent site to win pack+. You just let a bar run on your computer, when you reach 100% you get 1 pack+ free!
So you can let the bar running, while you are doing other things, you are earning pack+ without doing anything! You can win a pack+ really fast with this system

-Time needed to win a pack+: 30 days