Feb 4, 2009

CPC sites

These networks are paid for every click on ad after ad on your site, each click of the visitors will get a profit from it. (IAIC that is trying to pressure on your own ads on your site where your account will be canceled immediately, even if it tried to visit the site using the proxy or from a different IP They will terminate your account immediately and cancel all your profitability and prevent you from participating once again - if I use this time to improve your site or get publicity certainly more profit). If all you need to do is participate in the company to use your site and will get the HTML code you can modify from within the site in terms of color or form to suit your site so that puts him at the place you want on your site. Then all you have is to try to improve your site and increase the number of visitors, where when a visitor clicking on the advertising you get the lion's share of advertising revenue while the share of the company to take the simple and all you have to check your account and then request periods when profits reach a minimum - often this is through your check by mail - and enjoy the profits.

There are two types of sites

The network selection of a particular area of your site and show ads that are also deemed to interfere with you and the second, called the market, with the presentation of data on your site (number of visitors - the number of visitors attending - ....) Alexa table identifies a certain price to announce to you. It is expected to present you one of our advertisers to put advertisements you

The first type

Google adsense

Of the company's research is the most reliable of these companies, but sadly, many conditions must be available on your site until you accept. Must wait for a week after your acceptance to participate to determine whether or not.


A good reliable site, which provides almost all of the subscription, it sets the appropriate ads for each site you can also use code Pop under. Wait 24 hours to be approved on your site.
ValueClick Media
One of the famous sites and a higher price, but Aldguetp difficult conditions of participation.

Type II
Through this company, you can put a price for your ads and put a certain number of advertisers and start to receive offers advertisers

Put code on your site and let advertisers competing for your ad space. Control prices in the ads.